To run SCIP, you can choose between the following options:

Cloud-based deployment

All SCIP components have been designed to run seamlessly in the cloud. Nevertheless, compatibility with on-premise operation is maintained. This is termed "cloud-ready".

SaaS: sum.cumo Sapiens Cloud

SCIP can be operated as a SaaS product fully managed by sum.cumo Sapiens within the organisation’s cloud. In this case, sum.cumo Sapiens takes over the complete operation.

Own public or private cloud

SCIP can be operated in a public or private cloud. We offer infrastructure charts with or without the use of Kubernetes. sum.cumo Sapiens recommends the use of Kubernetes. Operations can either be run entirely by the insurer or you can leverage application and infrastructure support from sum.cumo Sapiens.

Containerized infrastructure

SCIP is fully containerized. This enables faster upgrades and a more efficient rollout of upgraded components.

Own data center

You can operate SCIP in your own data center as cloud services are optional. In this case, the support offered by sum.cumo Sapiens is limited to the application.

Use of Kubernetes

SCIP can be operated in a Kubernetes cluster, which we highly recommend. For simplified use, the complete SCIP infrastructure is provided as code and can thus be rolled out in a versioned manner.

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Data Protection, Compliance & Security

  • ISO-certified and TÜV-tested

    SCIP is part of our ISO 27001-certified and TÜV-audited Information Security Management System (ISMS).

  • BaFin VAIT and finma requirements are met

    All relevant regulatory requirements of the insurance industry are met (BaFin VAIT, finma).

  • Audit-approved

    Our internal control system (ICS) was designed in accordance with the auditing standard ISAE 3402 and approved by independent auditors.

  • Established data protection

    Compliance with the relevant data protection laws (GDPR, BDSG, DSG) is delivered using our established data protection management system (DMS).